Afghani Kush-Afghan Kush

10 Sep

Strain Name: Afghan Kush, Afghani Kush or Hindu Kush

Hybrid Names : Purple Kush, OG Kush, Afghan Kush Ryder, Bubba Kush

Species : Indica

Strength : 15-18%

Native Strain : Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

Other Non Native Locations : USA and Holland.

afghan kush

Afghan Kush

Looks: Light to dark orange hairs with a green skunk looking like buds

Smell: Has a sent of orange and a unique Afghan Kush skunk smell to it.

Flavour : Pine taste with a hint of fruit, definite kush taste throughout a lot like the smell of mango with a earthy dank tast. 

Stone : High enregy buzz almost anpetime like, relaxed and chilled buzz which is very sociable and happy buzz

Overall: Very good smoke and a great base for crossing as you will see there are many different strains containing the Afghan Kush genetics for all the reasons above.